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Unicom International General Trading L.L.C.

Order Calendar

Embeds a date from a Google Calendar event into content.

Example Usage: No scheduled events could be found. would print "My event starts on Novemeber 3, 2009 @ 2:30pm and ends at 3:30pm"

Keywords are surrounded by [$ and $]. Anything not contained within a keyword marker is taken literally. Use the following keywords. All formatting is in strftime format.

  • startdate fmt-- print the starting date of the event in fmt format.
  • finishdate fmt -- print the finishing date of the event in fmt format.
  • range -- displays a compact range for start and finish (e.g. Nov 2, 1970 2:30pm - 3:30pm or Nov 2-5, 1970)
  • title -- Title of the event
  • description -- Description from the event's description
  • backlink -- url to the GCalendar entry (internal link)
  • link -- url to the Google Calendar entry (external link)
  • maplink -- anchor containing the location and a link to Google Maps for the location
  • maphref -- just the url to the Google Maps
  • location -- text location from the event
  • where -- same as location
  • calendarname -- name of the calendar
  • calendarcolor -- hex representation of the calendar's assigned color

Parameters affecting the operation of the plugin are also allowed. They are specified just like keywords, except they start with a plus (+) sign. Any of the parameters you can specify here as defaults are also parameters that may be specified in the plugin. Check each parameter for the name to use.

Example: No scheduled events could be found. might print Erics Birthday is on Nov 05, 2009.

Example: No scheduled events could be found. would produce the same output. Note the escaped parameters in output.



The Company

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About Unicom

Unicom International General Trading founded in 2001, dedicated itself to improvements and advancements of Electronics in Middle East region.

Unicom proudly launched Prolink in 2003 as the brand of high quality consumer electronics, specialising in Audio-Video products.

Unicom acquired Xcruiser, a Korean brand in 2003 as the leader in manufacturing and development of the most advanced Direct To Home HD and SD satellite set top boxes, professional Signal meters, H-H Motor, DiSEqC switches, Dishes and installation tools in the satellite industry world-wide.

Unicom brings its rich market experience and trade expertise to help customers gain more value from money. Our success in meeting the ever-changing consumer electronics market and needs of the customers makes us your ideal shopping resource.

Unicom's achievement relays on its philosophy of appreciation, understanding and open communication with its customers. This approach has allowed Unicom International to be proactive in meeting customer needs, and at the same time, to be at the forefront of technological innovations in the consumer electronics industry.

As we continue to grow and expand our global business, we will not allow ourselves to lose sight of our mission; namely, to always listen to our customers, respond to what they tell us, and to deliver new and innovative consumer electronic products.


Xcruiser DV1100USplus

Play you favourite movie and music wherever you drive.
  • With DV1100USplus, just flip down the monitor and enjoy crisp, clear DVD images on its 11" LCD screen. A full function remote control gives you easy access to all of the player's functions
  • Xcruiser offers mobile media systems and components that provide outstanding in-car comfort and satisfaction, and the company maintains an execellent reputation among drivers and their passengers as well as automobile manufacture
  • Xcruiser has created a luxurious in-cabin atmosphere, in which the exciting experience of high quality visuals and ultra-realistic sound can be enjoyed by all.

iPod Nano

Great looks. And brains, too.
  • The new built-in clip makes it easy to move to the music. Just clip iPod nano to your sleeve, jacket, or bag. And wherever you go, your favorite tunes are right where you need them.
  • In sleek anodized aluminum and seven bright colors, iPod nano makes a huge statement: You are, most definitely, ready to rock.
  • Show off your album art, photos, and the color-coordinated wallpaper on the 1.5-inch color display with 240-by-240 pixel resolution. It's tiny yet stunning.

Satellite Finder XS9500D

XS9500D is latest satellite Finder made by Xcruiser.
  • XS9500D has a real time spectrum analyzer, AV In & Out and with Xcruiser "Smart Search Function" you can easily find the satellite location, transponder and symbol rate and search and view the the channel on screen at same time.
  • The Satellite meter is a handy digital antenna measuring device for an quick and easy alignment of satellite antennas. If a satellite is found, the meter shows it on the display and emits a audible signal.
  • Signal strength and quality are displayed as numerical values and bar graphs.

Portable Hard Drive

SILICON POWER Armor A70 has received many excellent reviews and a number of awards from the media worldwide.
  • SILICON POWER Armor A70 is perfect for users moving a large amount of data and are concerned about the data protection while working in extreme conditions.
  • PC Magazine in UAE has published the review of SILICON POWER Armor A70, in which the editors mention that Armor A70 targets the professionals working in difficult and extreme conditions.
  • PC Magazine editors mention that besides the robust characteristics SILICON POWER Armor A70 has supreme performance and demonstrated excellent read and write speeds.

Nikon D5000 delivers a nice feature set, speedy performance, and great photo quality for the money.

Compact and powerful, the D5000 is a remarkable blend of simplicity and advanced D-SLR capabilities with breathtaking 12.3-megapixel image quality.
  • Meet the D5000, a breed of Nikon digital SLR camera. A wonderful blend of fun, simplicity, and beautiful image quality, the D5000 features an innovative Vari-angle monitor for an exciting new take on photographic expression.
  • Combined with Live View shooting, this monitor gives you the ability to shoot from nearly any angle. And your creativity is not limited to still images - Nikon's D-Movie function lets you record richly detailed HD movie clips, too.
  • There's also a dazzling array of shooting features to help you get great pictures, shot-after-shot.

Best Sellers

Xcruiser LNB XL4Q Xcruiser LNB XL4Q
XDSR400HDplus XDSR400HDplus